"That is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me." Romans 1:12
Media Ministry
This ministry supports the audio, visual, and print needs of the church. Whether it's creating CDs to provide to our sick and shut-in members, creating attention-getting video presentations to provide information to the congregation, creating informative brochures, or ensuring that the choirs all are heard in the balcony, the Media ministry is an integral part of keeping BMBC a viable place of worship in a world of information and technology. Available Media ministries are listed below.
Audio/Video Ministry
The mission of this ministry is to capture on CD and DVD the worship services and other church-related activities as requested.
For More Information Contact:
Travis Morris, Director
phone: (708) 343-3700
"The Voice"
The Official Newsletter of BMBC
The newsletter ministry assumes responsibility for keeping the membership informed, regarding the many activities, programs, and opportunities available at the church.
For More Information Contact:
Joshua Hicks, Director
phone: (708) 343-3700
june newsletter 2019
The Library Ministry supports and promotes the Christian Education Ministry and BMBC members by acquiring, promoting and maintaining Christian resources that foster the spiritual growth of members, as well as assist individuals in personal witnessing, evangelism and teaching the Word of God.
For More Information Contact:
Wanda Gipson, Director
phone: (708) 343-3700
Keep In Touch Ministry
Volunteers prepare mailings to sends CDs and/or DVDs to our recovering and shut-ins members. Individuals in need of this service or BMBC members who wish to serve in this area, are asked to contact the church at (708) 343-3700 to request a mailing.