The History of Broadview Missionary Baptist Church
July 4, Broadview Missionary Baptist Chapel, began, as a Southern Baptist Mission, sponsored by Northwest Baptist Church. Rev. Otis Anderson served as the first pastor of this mission which was housed in the property of Chicago Metropolitan Baptist Association, located at 2001 South 15th Avenue, Broadview, IL.
January 31, Reverend Otis Anderson resigned his position as pastor. On the first Sunday of May, Reverend Clarence W. Hopson accepted the call to become the Pastor of Broadview Missionary Baptist Chapel. At that time there were about 40 members that consisted mostly of children. The Church was constituted in June. The small church forged ahead experiencing tremendous growth spiritually and numerically.
Having experienced record growth, the Church purchased the property at 2001 South 15th Avenue. God blessed and the Church continued to experience record growth spiritually, numerically and financially.
It became apparent that steps needed to be taken to enlarge our current facility; membership had reached approximately 300. The building was completely remodeled, taking advantage of all possible space, but we also began to explore options.
March 30, with a membership of 400, we moved into our second location, at 2111 South 17th Avenue, Broadview, IL. In just a few years the membership exceeded 2000. Again, plans were under way to explore our options. Meanwhile, we instituted a second morning service.
November 13, after much prayer, research and years of legal challenges, we moved into our current facilities, at 2100 South 25th Avenue, with approximately 90,000 square feet of space for administration, classrooms and a sancturay that seats 2500.
Broadview Missionary Baptist Church, 15th Avenue
2001 South 15th Avenue
Broadview Missionary Baptist Church, 17th Avenue
Broadview Missionary Baptist Church
April 27, after 35 years of service, Pastor Hopson announced his retirement effective May 27, 2007.
October 27, Rev. Marvin G. Parker is elected Pastor of Broadview Baptist Church.
May 27, the baton is passed to Pastor-elect, Marvin G. Parker, who continues to build on the foundation laid by Pastor Emeritus Hopson.
Pastor Emeritun Clarence W. Hopson and Senior Pastor Marvin G. Parker